Apartment at Ladyhill, Mangalore





Additional Details :

Bedroom : 2

Bathroom : 2

Description : 1 Apartment at Ladyhill, Mangalore This apartment is situated in one of the best planned localities in Mangalore. It is approximately in the area opposite Pabba's Ice cream shop next to Mangalore Corporation office. The apartment is completely unfurnished but ready to occupy. Area: Indoor - 3,485 Square feet of apartment space and 1500 square feet of outdoor space Floor: Ground Floor Bedrooms: 4 Car Park:3-4 cars Highlights: Flooring is tastefully made in Italian Marble 2. Toilet in Master bedroom has jacuzzi etc installed 3. Doors and window frames made in teak 4. Kitchen area with separate store area 5. 2 bedrooms with attached toilets 6. One bedroom without toilet has been designed to be used as an office 7. Separate servant toilet 8. Living space ideal for large families 9. The outdoor area will be registered in the name of the buyer and will be for his exclusive use. 10. The Apartment is a new project. Price: INR 1,57,00,000 ( fixed)

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